Meeting Brief: May 21, 2024 City of Kalamazoo Historic District Commission Meeting

By Max Reist

The Commission approved an alteration at 824 Elmwood including the replacement of 17 windows and the replacement of a rear door with salvaged wooden door for this ongoing Lead abatement project. The Queen Anne home was built in the Stuart neighborhood in 1906. The Commission postponed the consideration of a demolition in the instance of a garage at 722 Eleanor street. The owner has petitioned to tear down the building claiming it unsafe and unusable.The Queen Anne carriage barn was built in 1891 in the Stuart neighborhood. The Commission approved an alteration request for 238 E Michigan to add Metal balconies on rear of building and new rear windows and doors in the second story citing the use of non traditional materials. The Commission denied an alteration to 802 South Park. The owner petitioned to add aluminum wrap to the exterior citing the peeling paint of the aphasia. The home was built in 1933.

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