RAD Fest 2024: Kalamazoo as a Stage for the Future of Contemporary Dance

By Lem Montero

Hundreds of dancers came to downtown Kalamazoo’s Epic Center for a massive festival that brought this town to its feet! Watch this story about the importance of this festival as it celebrates it’s 15th anniversary, and mark your calendars for the return of RAD Fest next year!

The story of RADFest 2024 was produced and hosted by Dayanna Price, with additional camera work by Duncan MacEwan, and edited by Cassandra Kipp, all PMN volunteers from the Greater Kalamazoo Area! The RADFest 2024 video brought together three passionate volunteers into one project. None of the three knew each other, but their efforts all came together to make a fun and interesting story.

This is exactly what we love seeing. We’re always looking for more volunteers to help create stories like this. Dayanna is gifted with a warm on-camera presence, Cassandra loves to edit down complicated footage into a captivating story, and Duncan is an excellent overall filmmaker on his way to film school this fall. There are thousands of incredible stories in the Kalamazoo area, and we’d like your help to create and share those stories with our community.

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