Meeting Brief: April 1, 2024 Kalamazoo City Commission

By Kenjji Jumanne Marshall

The Kalamazoo City Commission approved a two-way design contract for Michigan Ave with Wightman and Associates to design the two-way conversion in the amount of $1,976,459.

Director of Public Services Baker presented a project to rebuild a sewer near the wastewater treatment plant to reduce odors. The project includes approval of a construction agreement with Graphic Packaging International and James E. Fulton Excavating for the construction of wastewater systems in the amount of $2,164,591.50; and up to $500,000 in project contingencies for additional project costs and approval of a professional service agreement with Jones & Henry Engineers, LTD for construction engineering services in the amount of $271,500.

The Committee of the Whole Meeting offered updates from the recent Commission retreat. The Board was updated on the progress of prioritized efforts including investment for youth programs, affordable housing, and improving community prosperity.

City Attorney Leal offered an in-depth review of the City Commission Initiative Fund and determined eligibility for available grant and general funding.

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