Meeting Brief: May 28, 2024 City of Kalamazoo Natural Features Protection Review Board

By Kenjji Jumanne Marshall

The Board approved the recommendation to the Zoning Board of Appeals to grant relief from the NFP slope setback standards for the Clods trail project at 3401 Nazareth Road. The project will expand and continue the trail into the wetland area and create universal access to the trails with gradual slopes creating a barrier free hiking experience for everyone as well as providing city access to manholes and sewer system on the property. The Board appointed NFP Board members, Glasser, Fuller, and Basset to serve on an NFP nominating subcommittee. The Board also appointed members Lettow, Martin and Fredrickson to the NFP Phase 3 subcommittee. The subcommittee will manage Public and community stewardship and development of the NFP guide as a resource internally and external and the processes of the NFP board.

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